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Yoke Dance for Sophia’s Recovery with Hakeem

7 June, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


On June 1st our beloved Sophia (Sophia Borrie, Sophia Sin, Philosophia) awoke to flames engulfing her warehouse. Being the total badass she is, calculated her movements and army rolled out her window onto a pile of succulents 6.5m below her.
Thankfully found quite quickly, Sophia was rushed to hospital suffering from facial and leg pains and broke her arm in five places. Considering the extremities of the event, she is incredibly lucky to have the injuries she has and thankfully is still alive. She is currently in a lot of pain as surgery will not proceed until this week. She will have limited mobility for some time. Sophia and her housemate Nathan lost almost everything in the fire, including her beloved baby, Spirit the Cockatoo.

Sophia was going to be playing at Yoke this Thursday, so instead we will be having a fundraiser dance for her speedy recovery and to send our prayers off for Spirit. We will have the wonderful Rida Hakeem filling in for Sophia, who has been on our Yoke Dj list for some time now. Let’s come together to give our energy and resources of what we have to Sophia’s healing.


YOKE is a Melbourne based community fusing dance & self expression with live and electronic beats. The word YOKE is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘coming together’, forming union. Our workshops are about facilitating authentic connections to oneself and one other in a space completely free from judgments. We invite you to take the time to let go of the mind and drop into the body through ecstatic dance and movement. YOKE is a collaborative consciousness calling all individuals seeking to express intuitively and energize the soul.

At YOKE we believe in oneness at the core of all existence. With the help of our resident DJs and musicians, who play a mixture of down tempo, deep house, techno, world and live sound healing, we will take you on a two-hour journey releasing the mind and opening the heart. Always guided by your own body’s wisdom, the sacred space and music provided become a backing track to the deeper lessons that lie within ourselves when we truly let go.


Sanna Olive Wittner is a movement facilitator, body worker and motivational up-lifter. Having danced from a small age, she has explored various styles of Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, African, Funk, Electronic and Improvisational free flow. She has recently expanded her knowledge of the correlation between body and mind through a regular yoga meditation practice and ancient healing techniques. Her vision for Yoke was to create a safe space for like-minded bodies and souls to call home. One where each individual feels comfortable expressing themselves in their unique and wonderful ways. A place of acceptance and nurture, as well as a whole lot of fun and funkiness!

A general life lover and advocate of wholehearted living, Sanna is passionate about assisting others in realizing their own true potential and light. She is thankful for the opportunity to be a leader of today, and for the ongoing support received by the community in carrying out her soul’s purpose.


HAKEEM (حكيم) is an aspiring DJ whose been collecting music from a very young age. He believes his passion and love for music was inherited from a family that appreciates good music, music that was passed on from generation to another, not limited to a specific genre. However, growing up as child, classical music (especially of Middle Eastern culture) was always on a loop, and that was the foundation of sound for him. With so much interest in music, he decided to study Music Culture as part of his degree, this opened his eyes to World music and its significance in different cultures and people. More importantly, he gained knowledge about the history of music culture, instruments, and dances in certain parts of the World. Especially that of the Silk Road, which was the most fascinating. This stimulated his interest in music even more and fueled the existing urge to learn about the diversity of sounds.

Today, HAKEEM’s (حكيم) favorite sounds range from (but not limited to) World music, Hip-Hop, Reggae & Dub, Jazz, Classical, to Electronic, and more. Nevertheless, he has a deep love and long obsession with Downtempo & Deep House music, which he likes to express in his mixes. He recently launched his podcast series SOLmundo الشمس العالم (in English: The Sun, The World). The reason behind is the name is a few: The Sun is a beautiful and powerful planet, that brings out the most of humans & animals. So is the Earth, it’s home to a complex and fascinating mix of cultures with beautiful species. In this World, we are all one. That’s what SOLmundo الشمس العالم is. Electronic music with a focus on the organic, ancient rhythms, tribal sounds and influences from all over the world.

HAKEEM (حكيم) aspires to communicate culture through his music; music culture. Hence, the use of various languages throughout his mixes. He intends to show his appreciation to music from every corner of the World and to acknowledge the sounds created by our ancestors. Culture and history is as crucial element of us humans, and there are many ways to grasp it. For him, he loves to demonstrate it through his music.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ridahakeem/

Podcast (SOLmundo الشمس العالم): https://soundcloud.com/ridahakeem/sets/solmundo


$25 Online + bf
$30 Door Price

The cost of this ticket covers the hard work and dedication on many parts that goes into the creation of each YOKE session. The exclusive sounds that have been carefully selected to tantalise your earholes, altering your consciousness into a state of transcendence. And the sacred space we are lucky enough to be using, including complementary chai/tea/snacks/elixirs before or after the dance to integrate and connect to this growing community. A large portion of funds is put towards expanding this conscious dance network in new and dynamic ways, so YOU can get more out of this collective journey. This is a collaborative movement that has evolved based on what the community want and need, so please if you have any ideas, suggestions or contributions we would love to hear from you. We are ever grateful for the constant support. Please realise that these are collective steps we are taking on the path to bringing a deeper understanding of our connectedness to each other and planet earth. ♥

See you on the d-floor!
Love the YOKE crew


7 June, 2018
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne
110 Argyle St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065 Australia
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