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Purpose Resurface X YOKE : Fuel Your Fire

18 June, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Purpose People is an umbrella organisation hosting a series of events, workshops and one on one self love coaching. As of late our community has been running self development workshops called ‘Purpose Resurface’ – these gatherings hold a different theme each time, opening up a conversation around the ups and downs of this life journey. Some of the topics have included; self sabotage, life balance and boundary setting. They are a Positive Focus Group with an ultimate goal of giving people a down-to-earth environment to work on self love, self confidence and expansion.


Yoke Movement is a Melbourne based community fusing dance & self expression with live and electronic beats. The word YOKE is a Sanskritterm meaning ‘coming together’, forming union. Our workshops are about facilitating authentic connections to oneself and one other in a space completely free from judgments. We invite you to take the time to let go of the mind and drop into the body through ecstatic dance and movement. YOKE is a collaborative consciousness calling all individuals seeking to express intuitively and energize the soul.


At crux of both of these movements is a deep earning to help facilitate self expression, create powerful high vibrational energy between people and bring humans together based of self expansion.

After having creative crushes on one another’s work in the community, YOKE and The Purpose People have finally joined forces! It is with pleasure that we announce the well anticipated conscious love child ‘Fuel Your Fire’.

Following on from the thematic work that both of these powerful movements have been following, this event is inspired by the fire element and is designed to enhance your creative flow both through conscious movement and controlled breath work. Fire is the source of creation and through disassociation from our minds we will allow ourselves to open up to the inspiration realm. It is through cultivating more purpose and understanding of self that we can expand our inner flame; this allows our desires to burn brighter and passion to be fuelled in our lives.


Sanna Wittner is a movement facilitator, body worker and motivational up-lifter. Having danced from a small age, she has explored various styles of Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, African, Funk, Electronic and Improvisational free flow. She has recently expanded her knowledge of the correlation between body and mind through a regular yoga meditation practice and ancient healing techniques. A general life lover and advocate of wholehearted living, Sanna is passionate about assisting others in realizing their own true potential.

Han Marko is an abundance creator, down to earth self development facilitator and visionary entrepreneur. She is a classic pisces empath and has serial gemini undecisiveness. Her creativity comes in many forms including genuie events to encorage people to work on themselves and find more purpose within their lives. Han’s authentic flow enables her to holde space naturally, this allows individuals to delve deep and ignite their inner flames.


Sound by SNED:


We are very lucky to have Melbourne’s renowned Ableton Live musician SNED – John Sneddon – joining us in this extra special collaboration, to guide our journey through breath, movement and the flowing of creative ideas with his multidimensional sounds.

Every live SNED performance is a uniquely organic synthesis of the live and the electric – fluid, otherworldly production meets an improvised exploration of sound – music that is created, produced and performed before your eyes in real time.

This project is a merging of of two halves – a place where two worlds meet. The free and the powerfully stable. The flowing and the definitive. The ethereal and the grounded. The air and the earth. The full SNED stage show merges a traditional Ableton Live sequenced performance with a complete re-imagining of physical hardware capabilities – brought to new life, as true instruments – and a showcase of entirely unique, limit-pushing controllerism.

Drawing from years of experience and study as a jazz musician and an Ableton Live tutor, SNED has taken improvised music and brought it into alignment with the limitless possibilities of modern music production technology.

The initial explorations of this project were begun on the city streets of Melbourne, where as a street performer, John embarked on a great journey into the wild and unknown lands of experimentation – a desire to innovate held in mind, a trust in the infinite creative voice of the universe close to heart. Through listening, and trusting the infinite wellspring of ideas the universe provides to those who do – a creative relationship was forged.

A full range one-man-band live show – a live electronic finger drummer – an original blend of beats and melodies and a fascinatingly unique, forever evolving live performance setup.

An offering of creative flow state – a spark ignited within – and an invitation to experience freedom through PRESENCE in yourself.

This special performance for YOKE shall feature a hybrid setup – John will be performing a DJ set featuring a seamless incorporation of live production elements, leading into live improvised musical exploration at the end of our evening.


6pm: Doors open
6.30pm: Gather to discuss the cultivating creative ideas and ‘fueling the fire’
7pm: Move into Sned Dj set and ecstatic dance/embodying the theme and fire element
8:30pm: Flow into breath work with SNED Ableton Live improvised sound healing
9pm: Emerge from breath work and document internal creative process visually
9:15pm: Group sharing session

We will end the night by sharing in some delicious and grounding soul food made by a cosmic master chef.

Please arrive early and be in the space by 6.30 so we can open the night as a group.

Presale tickets start at $35 (limited number available)

This is a collaborative movement that has evolved based on what the community want and need, so please if you have any ideas, suggestions or contributions I would love to hear from you. I am ever grateful for the constant support I have been receiving with this project. Please know that these are collective steps we are taking on the path to bringing oneness and peace to the world. ♥

We very much look forward to the sharing of creativity – one fire filled being to the next.

With Love,

Sanna & Hannah
Yoke Movement & The Purpose People


18 June, 2017
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


YOKE Movement


Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne
110 Argyle St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065 Australia
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