A conscious dance community for YOU to express and connect through Movement and sounds.

The word YOKE is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘coming together’, forming union. Our workshops are about facilitating authentic connections to oneself and one other in a space completely FREE from judgments. We invite you to take the time to let go of the mind and drop into the body through ecstatic dance and movement set to mind-blowing beats. 


YOKE Kirtan Chanting Circle May 2022 >>>












YOKE is a space where I feel able to fully let go of ego-consciousness and relax into my body and let it move freely to the music: it seems to attract people who care more about their movement than their appearance. The music itself is always awesome, because Sanna hires wicked DJs, so it’s a class above a lot of so-called “ecstatic dance” events which I get bored at because they have rubbish music. YOKE also allows me to go onto a spiritual journey and connect with Divine Guidance, and that is because the YOKE crew intentionally set up a sacred space with an altar, smudging and prayer. I love the combination of fat beats, sacred atmosphere, and sweat!


Woaw! Just in blissed out awe of how sacred and raw last night was <3 Infinite love and thanks to y’all beautiful beings for sharing and holding the ether space as it was exactly what I was in need of in my journey.


Pfffiiiouu! What a night !!!! It was Hot! Sweaty! Primal! Animal! Tribal! Hot again! Dirty! and Sexy! All of that held in space of love, self expression and mutual respect!!!! Thank you for all that guys! Great team work!!! Now, I just want to bring that energy back home and in my daily life!!! Blessings.


I’ve been doing ecstatic dance in various forms for ten years but last night was like nothing else I’ve experienced, yes it felt like we were all outdoors on the earth in a forest dancing around a wild fire, it was truly magical. Deepest gratitude.


I thought I would have more words right now to articulate justifiably what I felt and witnessed but I guess some things need no more glory. I have never been so fully received. And I have never witnessed such a tribe inside concrete walls getting down as if the earth were between their toes and the rain was on their skin. As if a fire was in the centre of the room and we danced ourselves into a complete initiation.

Sound to generate, silence to reflect. My heart completely overflows for all of you in this stillness


This in incredible!!! I used to call YOKE home, a place of growth, release, connection, balance & good energy through dance. To see how the journey & growth of Yoke has transformed into something allot deeper and meaningful for many people & the pure intentions from its source… I am so proud, impressed & excited to see what has come of YOKE & journey it is on, the strength and love it has given to so many people through music & dance & many other aspects involved. I … give full support & energy to what Sanna is doing. Never giving up, staying passionate, focused & giving all the love to the most beautiful concept with the best & purest intentions!!!


Awesome tribal beats and puddles of sweat everywhere – haha – I’m still buzzing. Look forward to the next instalment!


YOKE has rocked my world! I met some fancy dancy folk while doing some other healing and I think it was meant to be! Before I even speak about the events themselves, I have to send a special shout-out to the incredible tribe who attends. No matter what else is going on in life I know I can come to a YOKE event and be surrounded by incredible, loving humans who accept everyone for who they are. It’s amazing vibe.

The events themselves are always mindblowing. The artists are fantastic and I always look forwards to what you guys have done with the space 🙂 On a personal level, these dances have allowed me the space and the energy to explore deeper parts of myself through movement in ways I never thought possible. And that’s saying a lot seeing as I’m pretty new to the scene and I’m still only just getting to know my body in a positive, expressive light after spending too long at war with it. I came into my first YOKE with zero dance experience and a fair bit of self-consciousness, but with the help of the amazing Sanna and everyone else involved I found the courage to drop in and explore the night deeply and in my own way. I’ve had nights where I’ve just danced my heart out and left feeling super energised and others that have allowed me to drop deeper and find new levels of self love and awareness. I would (and do!) heartily recommend YOKE events to anyone and everyone. This has been long and rambly as anything but any excuse to pour out my love for everyone involved in these events is a good excuse.

Thank you again so much for all your work, guys! You’ve given me so many gifts and I can’t wait for the next one!

Haux Haux


YOKErs have such beautiful energy. So many a man came and I really proud of you guys. You are so beautiful! Thank you Sanna and Sophia magical creatures you held space so beautifully. Every a little things (ceremonies, tea, flower, spring water, plums and tarot card ) were thoughtfully and beautifully put together with great intentions. I loved using my voice loud, like making animallikes sound in Sophia’s tribal beats wow. Felt so right… that was a discovery. Thank you again and again


You’re all such fucking gorgeous amazing powerful humans, thank YOU for showing up with SO much souuuullll. Full heart expansion


Everytime i try to write something about my YOKE experience it turns to be so different from the one before… Just like meditation… But for me, this is also so many other things! It’s like re-birth, I get there one way, and after couple hours I’m totally a new kind of being… The magestic space and the other beings around me, we are all one: the energies go in and out of each one of us and goes around the space in a special harmony… For me, every YOKE is a journey, sometime I have partners and friends, sometimes I don’t, but every time is an outstanding crazy special journey!… The path I’ve been through with YOKE is a huge path, I learned, changed, growed, opened, closed, opened again, connected, shared, smiled, touched, cried, laughed, loved… I can keep describe it but it’s something that like many other things in life. You just need to experience it for yourself… There is nowhere in the world I would rather be… This place is actually where I call home. Where I can express myself in such a pure way and love and be loved by the people that have such a special place in my heart. I take all those lessons I’ve learned and gonna spread then everywhere, cos it’s a bless! Thank you Sanna, thank you YOKE, thank you YOKE FAMILY! LOVE!